"The Last Days of Disco"

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"The Last Days of Disco" is a song recorded by Hoboken, New Jersey rock band Yo La Tengo, which appears on their acclaimed 2000 release And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out. The song was also the subject of a series of sketches drawn by Todd Billups, an artist who fantasizes about his favorite bands performing his favorite songs and draws pictures of them based on that fantasy. Billups spoke about his drawings to the band during a call to Radio Free Yo La Tengo, where he described his intensely personal vision of the band:

  • Bassist James McNew is drawn wearing a "long, velvety robe".
  • Lead singer Ira Kaplan is drawn wearing a train conductors uniform.
  • Drummer Georgia Hubley is drawn wearing an Atlanta Hawks uniform, because her name is Georgia, and Atlanta is a city in Georgia.

Other bands who have been the subject of Billups' sketches include Enon, Belle and Sebastian and Iron and Wine.

Artistic License

A motif common to all of Billups' work is a depiction of himself playing with his "noodle". Why?