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Ernie Anastos is an Emmy award-winning anchorperson currently on WNYW TV in New York (Channel 5). He has been a longtime New York area anchorman, having appeared since the late 1970s on the local newscasts of several television stations, including WABC TV (Channel 7, ABC affiliate), WWOR TV (Channel 9) and WCBS TV (Channel 2, CBS affiliate).

Tom appears to be a fan of Mr. Anastos, having most recently demanded on the Best Show that "Respect must be paid to Ernie Anastos." This invective was aired during the November 28 Best Show, during which Tom announced a crackdown on numerous errant callers to the show, declaring a number of new Best Show Laws. These austerity measures were prompted by a flurry of callers to the show defending the music of Tom Waits, for whose music expressed distaste.

These laws also included such statements as:

  The music of Tom Waits is terrible and unacceptable under any circumstance.
  The callers need to be more polite to Tom.
  Know why you're calling before you call.
  When you're on Tom's court, it's Tom's ball.

The Best Show Laws campaign was accompanied by the declarations that the Best Show Chatroom would be permanently closed, and longtime Friend of Tom and Best Show caller Laurie would be banned from the program indefinitely.