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Bryce is a pot-addled boob whose chief pursuits include Dick's Picks, "Climbing the Mountain" (frequently by doing bong hits on-air), and threatening Tom with violence. Bryce's early Best Show calls would begin cordially. However, as his pot-intoxication slowly abated, the conversation would devolve into a fit of angry, confused prattling, a behavior typically associated with "rageoholics" or recovering Zumbies. More recently, Bryce has achieved a state of emotional buoyancy, smothering his troubled brain with a thick, foggy blanket of 24-hour pot smoke.

Trivia. Why?

  • Bryce's last name has not yet been definitively revealed. Past surnames used on-air or in print include Jenkins, Prefontaine, and Chastain. It's possible he is unable to remember his last name at this point, due to his daily regimen of bong hits.
  • Received a massive lawsuit settlement after a neighbor's pet lion bit off his hand; subsequently moved to the posh Upper Newbridge area.
  • His uncle was the famous track star Steve Prefontaine
  • Once purchased what he thought was Jerry Garcia's toilet from a guy named Hank that he met at a Rat Dog concert. Days later, he realized it was in fact his own toilet affixed with a "dancing bear" sticker. Altogether, Bryce lost $58,000 in the transaction, which made him madder than a rattlesnake at a Thai wedding.
  • Has “Jimmy, Brighton was just a läff” - a line from the film Quadrophenia - tattooed on his back, complete with the umlaut.