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"Doc Shock" was the shock-jock alter ego of Best Show host Tom Scharpling. In a typical Doc Shock segment, Tom would call his unsuspecting prey - often another WFMU DJ - on the air and make some outlandish or surprising statement that left them utterly stunned and befuddled. This poor sap would usually then be assaulted with the blaring sound of "Shock Me" by KISS and the triumphant declaration, "You just got shocked by Doc Shock," before being briskly hung up on by Tom. Because WFMU, a high school radio station, only had "Shock Me" on vinyl, the record had to be cued up manually.

Doc Shock has not appeared on the program since early 2003, but one can never rule out a surprise return after a long hiatus, as it would be in keeping with his startling methods.


It has been alluded to that Tom Scharpling is not entirely able to control the outbursts of Doc Shock, and is constantly in the throes of a desperate internal struggle.