Droopy Zippermouth

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Tom once received an anonymous letter which, among other things, demanded that he refer to resident Best Show degenerate Spike as "Droopy Zippermouth", owing to his speaking voice (reminiscent of Droopy Dog), and his penchant for black leather masks and "dithipline." Clearly, the letter's author was unaware that you can't boss The Kid around. The author also did himself no favors by misspelling a number of basic words-- What, is this Clowntime? Is this Amateur Hour? I don't think so. Proofread!

Tom, against his better judgement, was forced to side with Spike. For their loyalty, Tom and Associate Producer Mike were both given non-transferable gift certificates for a complimentary Hot Wax Encounter and Boot Licking at Spike & Debbie's Bargain Basement Dungeon.