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O.G. FOT message board troll by which all other message board trolls are measured. Gargoyla mercilessly slammed other FOT's in a take-no-prisoners manner when the very first FOT message board was launched. Not only did he take on Officer Tom and Tom Scharpling himself, he even occasionally alienated Raad_Man (he of the Axl Rose avatar and dubious authenticity of character, who actually encouraged Petey to do drugs). Gargoyla eventually suffered massive FOT backlash, resulting in a desperate call to TBSOWFMU where he professed his love for all the Messageboard posters, referring to them as his "best friends" and "only friends". In this way, Gargoyla unwittingly set a standard for future trolls (see: Tommert) and future crank callers (see: The Jersey City Krank Krew, Spike, and M.C. Steinberg). It can be said that Gargoyla is responsible for this Enemy-to-Friend-of-Tom Effect (or ETFOT Effect), which sees its antonym in the Friend-to-Enemy-of-Tom(FTEOT), No Smoking Joe.

Gargoyla's later trolling exploits can be found at Disarm the Settlers (a GBV/Pollard forum) [1]and [2]and at The Velvet Rope (a music indusry forum) [3]