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Gnarls Barkley is the musical duo comprised of Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo. Tom played their hit single "Crazy" and was looking forward to their LP, St. Elsewhere, becoming the fun record for the summer of 2006. After purchasing the album, Tom trashed it on the air, complaining that it was simply one fantastic song and a bunch of filler that's not even worthy of one of his Unfair Record Reviews. Tom said that he would rather hear a Charles Barkley record and recommends that listeners avoid it at all costs.

Tom's primary criticism is that they drop five notes when one will do, joining the ranks of overplayers like Frank Zappa, George Clinton, or Joe Satriani. Tom thinks these guys should ease up on the gas pedal and realize that a single note sometimes does the job. If CDs were softer, Tom said he would clip St. Elsewhere to the spokes of his bike and let it flutter in the wind.