Gregor McWilliams

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Gregor McWilliams is a relaxation guru who called Tom on 1/3/06 to promote the release of Natural Relaxation Gregor's Way, Vol. 4 and start 2006 off on "the right, fully-relaxed, fully-rejuvenated foot." Gregor's initial attempt to test his dubious skills via the radio are derailed when he uses a parade of Republican politicians (Rumsfeld, an owl that looks like Reagan, etc.) as vessels of relaxation for Tom. He is trying to get Tom to become "one with the cosmos." Then, we gradually get a more revealing portrait of Gregor's troubled past: his legal troubles over providing female patients with Rainbow Elixir and a troubled childhood that included driving the family car through his parent's bedroom because they would not allow him to see David Cronenberg's Rabid. The calls ends with Gregor in fully-demented mode commanding Tom to murder Mike the Call Screener in his name in order to remove the bloodlusty demon bears (adult bears and cubs) that he had previously implanted in Tom's dreamscape.

Gregor delivers piercing cries of "KILL" just before hanging up. Tom is shaken and immediately throws to Rogue Wave's "10:1" to aid his recovery.