Hang the DJ

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Hang the DJ is a documentary directed by Trent L. Strauss. He promised that it was even further out there than his usual extreme horror fare.


(as described by Strauss on the 3/14/06 show)

The film revolves around a DJ who is getting stalked by a maniac whose father he accidentally killed in the 1980s. The DJ threw a record into the crowd as a prize and it hit his father directly in the juggler vein. (Tom informs Trent that the correct term is "jugular", but Trent thinks Tom's "off his rocker.") The father bleeds to death on the dance floor and this sets off his son's lifelong mission to exterminate all of the world's DJs.

Trent wants Tom to star in the film as himself, but Tom is reluctant. Trent informs him that the film is a documentary that Tom is already starring in and he'll find out more details soon enough. Trent equates the villainous father in The Tool Belt Killer to chattering DJs, who also try to take away the one thing that everyone loves: music. At least one DJ will be killed in the documentary.