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Hooterville is a 35-capacity, after-hours speakeasy Philly Boy Roy is running out of his basement.

Philly Boy Roy discussed the establishment on the 6/13/06 show:

After the other local Roxboro bars close, drunken customers can stop by to continue drinking and play some knee football. The tavern also offers other stuff, which PBR calls knee skiing. Tom's not sure what he's talking about and PBR explains that sometimes it snows down in the basement. PBR doesn't say it, but it's cocaine. Tom keeps making this sound bad, and PBR promises to serve as Tom's security from irate Philadelphians if he visits Hooterville. PBR uses the drug and knee football emporium to supplement his Wawa income, and it was, as you might expect, all Roy, Jr.'s idea. Roy Jr. wants to expand his entrepreneurial empire to a chain of strip clubs called Phillies.

PBR is concerned that Hooterville could be in jeopardy if Rhoda or the City Council found out. As a front, he tells Rhoda that the commotion from the basement is him rehearsing for a Rocky I-V one-man show. She thinks he’s very talented and creative, and he keeps telling her that the opening of the show, which will run at the Tower Theater, keeps getting pushed back. PBR also reveals that his kids are not sleeping during the club's hours -- they are down there busing tables. PBR pays them not with money, but in "Philadelphia value teachings": never take the mayor's name in vain, always pick up any lettuce that may have fallen out of your hoagie, and do anything within your power to help Philadelphia sports teams win. PBR explains that there is a lot you can do from the stands, such as throwing ice, batteries, and tires. That's how they roll in Philly, and PBR predicts that Tom's head will eventually roll down there, banning him from Hooterville. Tom is not disappointed that he will be unable to do any skiing and hopes that PBR gets busted. PBR does a rail and tells Roy, Jr. to retrieve some more Yeungling Black & Tans. PBR tells Tom that the party never stops at Hooterville and tries to win him back by saying he was just kidding about chopping his head off.