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Little Marky is the name of Marky Ramone's ventriloquist puppet. Little Marky holds miniature drum sticks, wears a leather jacket and has the same hairstyle as the human Marky. On the 1/17/06 show, Marky told Tom that his act -- known as "Marky and Little Marky" -- would be performing warmup shows in New Jersey clubs before hitting Manhattan for more prestigious gigs.

Sample of Act

Marky: Hey everybody, how's it going? Hey, Little Mark

Little Marky: Hey, Mark

Marky: Doin ok?

Little Marky: Yeah, how 'bout you?

Marky: Great.

Little Marky: How's the drummin' comin'?

Marky: Good, you?

Little Marky: Good, thanks.

Marky: Doing a show at CB's on Wednesday.

Little Marky:I 'm playin there on Friday.

Marky: How'd you get a Friday?

Little Marky: Called up Hilly.

Marky: Oh, man. Whoa. You know I'm goin' over to Japan.

Little Marky: That's great.