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Lon Chaney is a famous American actor known for roles in monster movies such as The Wolf Man, The Mummy's Tomb, and Son Of Dracula. Lon Chaney is also the name of the Vice-President according to Keith Garfinkle during the 4/18/06 show. Garfinkle became increasingly annoyed by Tom's 'tude towards the current VP and the Adminstration and tells Tom to mark his words that "Lon Chaney" will go down as one of the most misunderstood politicians of the century. Tom tells him that Lon Chaney is a horror film actor, but Keith is not buying it: "What a dunce you are, you don't even know who the Vice President is." He accuses Tom of lacking a broad spectrum of knowledge and says that there is a whole world out there beyond his "stupid, obscure record collection".

Keith digs his newspaper out of his recycling bin and scans the national news section. He discovers that the VP is actually named Dick Cheney, as Tom said, and he crumples the paper and "places it" (i.e., hurls) next to the dictionary that had previously been thrown across the room. Tom says it sounded like he threw a temper tantrum and correctly believes that Keith is out of control.

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