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The Madman, Mann and Mann show (aka "The Barnyard") is the number one morning-drive-time radio show in San Antonio, Texas, on ClearChannel affiliate station, KSANT (The Ant FM) FM. The show's on air personalities are "The Madman", Mike Mann and his "brother", Mark Mann (though like The Ramones, they are not really brothers). Sound effects of farts from barnyard animals are one of the cornerstones of the show (the sound effects engineer for theMadman, Mann and Mann show is recognized as one of the best in the radio business, and according to some, even better than Howard Stern sound effects man, Fred Norris.)

On June 17, 2003--after the San Antonio Spurs' NBA Championshop victory over the New Jersey Nets--"The Madman" called the show in an attempt to settle a bet he made on the game. The loser of the bet was required to drop his pants on the air, and "diddle" himself while proclaiming "San Antonio rules, New Jersey drools". However, unbeknownst to The Madman, he had really meant to call Lawrence of Suburbia on WINK 102 FM, but mistakenly called Tom on WFMU instead.

The Madman is eventually reduced to a state of extreme depression when it is revealed that he moved to San Antonio from Cleveland ("not a move up," according to Tom) because of his 18 drunk driving violations. In despair, the Madman mumbles, "I know I'm nowhere," and declares himself to have "sunk as low as one human being can sink and feel," before admitting that he will probably discard the tape of his call to Tom.

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