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Mike Dornton is a musician living in Newbridge. He purchased one of Rodriguo's drum kits from the Home Shopping Network and claims it changed his life -- the drums really "sing" and the cymbals "shimmer like nobody's business." Dornton bounced around in the bar band scene, garnering a brief stint as a member of The Gas Station Dogs. He was dismissed from the band by image-crazed frontman Barry Dworkin because he gained too much weight.

Rodriguo's drum pin launched Dornton's career as a successful session musician, becoming the house drummer at Sound Waves, a recording studio in Newbridge. He played the pin on a Tom Petty studio track, and the engineers were so impressed that they threw out their $14,000 drum set after the session.

Dornton also once toured with Pink.


Some believe that "Mike Dornton" was an unaccented Rodriguo offering a phony testimonial.