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Mike Jackyl (aka "The Prince of Punk") was Michael Jackson's punkrock alter-ego. Jackson changed his name in early 2002 when he formed a band, named simply, "Punk". Jackyl played bass guitar in Punk (he paid Mike Watt $50,000/hour for bass lessons) but was not a vocalist.

Jackson became enamored of punkrock music while in the midst of sueing a California band called Toilet Dog, who was covering the song Dirty Diana without his permission. In an ironic twist, he liked the band's energy so much, that he ended up changing his name and joining the band, as well as changing the band's name to Punk.

Jackson/Jackyl quickly became tuned in to the punk lifestyle and was heavily influenced by books such as We Got the Neutron Bomb, American Hardcore and Our Band Could Be Your Life.

He acquired the assets and back catalog of Dischord Records for $50,000,000 USD, and intended to release the first Punk single on the label, but the single was never released due to Jackson's management forcing the band to dissolve. A nationwide tour--featuring punk legends Dead Kennedy, Black Flags and T.S.O.L.--was originally planned to support the single, but was also abruptly cancelled.