Officer Harrups

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Several Officer Harropses have appeared in the history of the Best Show.

Hot Rockin' Ronny tricked Tom as Officer Harrops in the very first archived Best Show, Yankees vs. Mets. He was mostly interested in pastries.

The Gorch complained of being harrassed by Officer Harrops in 1950s York, PA.

Philly Boy Roy was being chased by Officer Guiseppe Harrops as recently as June 2006.

Finally, Officer Robert Harrops is referenced in the September 2000 edition of Rave On, Western Maine's only Rock 'n' Roll Paper:

"As most of you know, there is little love lost between Bob Timmins and Perry Shepherd. As administrative manager of Rave On, I felt it was appropriate to have some kind of 'peacekeeper' present during this interview. Many thanks to Maine State Trooper Robert Harrops for maintaining a moderate level of civility between these two volatile legends of western Maine music."