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Omar is a scribe (some say Renaissance man) who brings it every week by crafting annotated recaps/enhancements for The Best Show. His base of operations is an online fun portal called Recidivism.


The format has morphed from the early days of focusing on the main discussion segment of the show (e.g., Unfunny Funny People, Ugliest Band of All-Tiime) to an exhaustive recap of all three hours of mirth, music, and mayhem. The current format involves pulling out some choice quotations, dropping a set of music, and detailing each caller/segment, often with editorial comment and tangential riffage/embellishments. In addition to prose, the recaps often include external links, embedded and pop-up imagery, and YouTube video clips.


The recaps started with the 11/29/05 show. There are no recaps for the 12/20/05 and 12/27/05 shows because Omar was debilitated by the overwhelming power of the holiday spirit. There is also no recap for the 6/6/06 show because Omar was promoting The Best Show podcast in Italy. He may do a retroactive recap for that program at some point because it was a very fun show. UPDATE: he did!

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