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Petey (aka Hernando Biggles, Sammy Siggles, Gingivitis, Peter, or Hernando Biggies), the youngest member of the Friends of Tom Hall of Fame, is perhaps the show's most well-known and recognizable caller (except to Tom, who is forced to inquire "Who's this?" at the beginning of nearly every Petey call). His unparalleled record of FOT contributions and on-air highlights - as well as occasional low-lights (see: Boring Dan) - put him in a distinct class among other Best Show regulars.

Inauspicious Beginnings

Much like two Marvel Comics superheroes who mistakenly fought each other upon first meeting, only to later team up and defeat the likes of... oh, say, Mole Man, Petey began his Best Show association as an Enemy of Tom. On the especially angry 07/10/01 show (for completists only), Tom can be heard railing against Petey's presence on the WFMU message board, lumping him in with such forgotten trolls as Tor and Jasper Yoinks. During the 07/03/01 show, Tom asked the listeners who would win in a fight between Petey and Tor, if the fight were to take place in a toolshed and the two were allowed to use anything in the toolshed against one another: belt sanders, chainsaws, nail guns, etc. The Answer: We would all be winners because no matter who won the fight, both Tor and Petey would leave the shed horribly disfigured and mutilated. Eventually, Tom and Petey would patch up their differences, paving the way for many memorable musical, comedic, and occasionally dramatic moments.

Von Scharpling

Along with many other musical endeavors, Petey is a member of Von Scharpling, along with Megan Murphy, OCDJ, and Tom.

The end

In 2009, Tom Scharpling called into the WFMU radio talk show Night People on which Petey was a guest at the time. During the call, Tom banned Petey from The Best Show for life.