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President Baseball is a film that was released with little fanfare in the summer of 2005. It was not properly pumped by Shout! Films and had the misfortune of opening against box-office juggernaut The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Plot Overview

President Wink Brylowski (Alan Alda), throws out the first pitch at a Mets vs. Nationals game, and it's a total scorcher. Later in the game, he easily catches a foul ball in his cup of beer. While it may not seem "Presidential" to be consuming alcohol at a ball game, this fits with the side plot in which Brylowski is known as "The Party President".

Since he shows he can field sans a glove, the Nationals sign the leader of the free world on the spot. This creates the main dramatic tension of the film -- the demands of running the country while simultaneously playing center field, pitching, and pinch-running (he's also super-fast) for the Nationals. The climactic scene involves a wise, Kissingeresque Secretary of State (Brendan Fraser) advising the President on a nucular standoff with China. Brylowski is in the middle of pitching the final stanza of the World Series. He knows the Chinese dude has his little finger on the button and he could press it at any second. The Secretary of State sternly approaches the mound and while one might assume that he would recommend leaving the game to deal with the Chinese, the Secretary of State recites -- in serious, Germanic tones -- a line that will likely score Fraser an Oscar nomination: "Mr. President, I have one thing to say to you: strike this guy out." The crowd was somehow quiet enough to hear the line and, thus, goes nuts.

Getting Into Character

Fraser is unrecognizable as a character in his mid- to late-60s, but he's not slathered in old guy makeup. In fact, there's no makeup at all. Fraser took the aging drug Oldzonareveren (presumably a product from Kern Pharmaceuticals), which allowed him to put on 30 years in two weeks. However, there was a snag with the reversal drug, Youngoproxin. It did not take all the way, so Fraser still looks like he's in his late 40s.