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Propeller is an 1992 album recorded by the legendary Ohio rock group, Guided By Voices. It was originally issued in a limited vinyl pressing of 500 copies, each of which featured unique handmade cover art created by members of the band. Original copies of Propeller are among the most highly sought after records among collectors, and have been known to sell for prices in excess of several thousand dollars (the highest price ever paid for a copy was $6,200, on eBay in 2004).

Tom Scharpling was once the proud owner of an original copy of Propeller, but had to sell back at a time in his life when he wasn't raking in the Benjamins as a bigshot TV writer/producer. He is currently in the market to re-purchase a copy of Propeller, but it is highly inadvisable to tease him into thinking you have one you're willing to part with. To do so would be very Bush League and Soft-serve, and is guaranteed to earn you an vitriolic GOMP.

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