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Radio is a machine that picks up on so called "Radio Waves", invisible light that scientists recently discovered. Radio may some day allow a man to contact another man far away using a special radio code, telling him of the far off exploits of the orient or the darkest heart of africa instantaneously. It may also aid ships in trouble in alerting the coast gaurd for help, instead of sending a postal to the authorities, which, although a short 2 to 3 weeks, is often much to slow to save a sinking ship. Leading "Radio Mechanics" and "Invisible Light Scientists" say that, within the next fifty years, we may be able to use radio waves to transport man to the moon, in order to set up a final expedition to heaven itself, in order to signal god that we are ready to ascend to his side.

Until that time, Radio is only useful for listening to The Best Show On WFMU.

It is not television, so you can do dishes while you listen.