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Radio Free Yo La Tengo is a one hour long promotional podcast for the Hoboken, New Jersey rock band, Yo La Tengo, and their 2005 anthology on Matador Records, Prisoners of Love: A Smattering of Scintilliating Senescent Songs, 1985-2003.

The podcast is presented as a fake, "non-existent radio show on a non-existent radio station" and is hosted by Tom Scharpling, who interviews the band and takes phone calls from a series of unusual callers, many of whom have also been past callers on The Best Show on WFMU:

  • Bryce, Tom's Program Director, who calls in to admonish Tom for not sprinkling "bealiebops" (sound effects/sound bites) throughout the interview, and who also unsuccessfully tries to flirt with Georgia Hubley.
  • Todd Billups, a disturbing young man whose hobby is to draw elaborate sketches of his favorite bands performing his favorite songs. Todd calls into the show to describe the sketches he drew of each of the band members recording the song "The Last Days of Disco".
  • Reggie, a devoted fan of the band in the 80s whose knowledge of the underground rock scene abruptly stopped after a 1987 hiking trip to Nepal, where he was seriously injured after falling off a cliff. He was cared for by Nepalese villagers who took him in as one of their own, and lived with the villagers for the next 18 years. Upon returning to modern civilization, he found himself unaware of the departure of Dave Schramm from the band, as well as the demise of Coyote Records and existence of Matador Records

Tom also played a round of Getting to Know You with each member of the band.

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