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Red is a history buff from Newbridge who called to talk to Zach Galifianakis on the 5/30/06 show. He asked Zach what comedian he would kill if he could go back in time. Zach remembers working with a guy named "Wurster" that he would probably ice, but goes with the more well-known Fatty Arbuckle. Red thinks it's an interesting choice, though he would have said Milton Berle, because he's sorta creepy. Red also wants Zach's take on the The New Cars tour with Todd Rundgren taking over for Rick Ocasek and Utopia bassist Kasim Sulton replacing the deceased Ben Orr. Zach compares this lineup to Huey Lewis and The Cult Jam, which sounds good to Red. Zach wonders why Ocasek is not fronting the band, and Red thinks he got hurt. Tom thinks he just has better things to do, such as unearthing the master tapes for Weezer's "blue" album and continuing to tinker with it.