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Troy Renfro was a defensive end for the 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers, the winners of Super Bowl XL. He played college ball at USC and was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2002. He joined the Steelers for the 2005 campaign. Renfro called on the 2/7/06 show to discuss the big game and his his love/hate relationship with the team's faithful fans.

Football and the Fans

Renfro initially seems to be genuinely appreciative of the Steeler faithful, who would do anything to have their team bring the trophy back home. Troy is aware that the blue collar fans don't have the easiest lives, working hard all week in mills and factories to provide metals and wood for the rest of the country, and watching the Steelers play on Sunday is something they live for. This is why Troy gives it his 180% effort.

Troy notes that the team gets 3rd-grade quality fan mail (with gruesome misspellings such as "Sinsinatty") from the likes of Hoffman's Muffler Shop employees, suggesting that they lacked the guts, brains, and right moves to stick it out and make it through the Pittsburgh school system. These missives are put on display in the clubhouse on "The Dope Board".

Many of fans come up to Troy and tell him stories about football careers thwarted after they knocked up their girlfriends in high school and became boozehounds tied down by their unwanted families. In these scenarios, Troy grabs them by the jacket and tells them that they should have used a condom. (Troy is totally Catholic, but has a block on certain passages of Biblical text.) Troy thinks it's weird to run into fans who carry Alleghany Free Times clippings about their gridiron glory days in their wallets, spreading them out on a bar table for Troy to read. Troy cannot believe that the wiry, muscley guys in these pictures are really them.

Worst part: they will often challenge people to a blocking contest if they are not shown proper respect. Troy refuses all requests because he does not want to hurt them and face legal action; he has no desire to hurt himself just so they can tell their hardhat buddies that they scrimmaged against a real Steeler at local watering hole. At this point, Tom is quite taken aback by Troy's blanket statements and dim view of his loyal supporters. Troy notes that he's simply talking from experience and that they are all wonderful people that he loves.

Troy offers Tom a great story that he planned save it for his book, but he's feeeling good after drinking a little vino so he proceeds: He almost didn't make it to the Super Bowl. On Saturday night he went to Shelter on the lower level of the Saint Andrew's club in Detroit and went home with three goth chicks, which is an acceptable fling because he'll be separating from Desiree in about a month. He woke up at 2 p.m. on Sunday, had no idea where he was, and had to hot wire one of the chick's cars to drive from Ann Arbor to Detroit, which is fair because they rolled all of his credit cards. (Renfro notes that one of the goth girls can be seen pawing at the frontman for Specimen in one of their music videos.)

Troy was concerned that Steelers head coach Bill Cowher would try to contact him before the game, but this was not an issue because Cowher rarely spoke to 3rd and 4th teamers; in fact, Troy was put on permanent IR list for the duration of the season. Since he'll likely be traded in the spring (preferably to an NFL franchise in the Bahamas where he can play wearing flattering bikini briefs and sip Coronas from the sidelines), Troy told the truth about his injury.

In the second preseason game versus the Dolphins in Pittsburgh (a bummer for Troy since you can be "D S" that he preferred to be playing for hot models looking for dates to Sky Bar instead of playing in Steeltown for "Claude and Maude Punchclock"), Troy played a good portion of the third quarter, making a couple of stellar tackles and avoiding any jock-strap fakeouts. He tackled Dolphins RB Willie Parker and, while seated on his head amidst a massive pile-up, he was pumped up enough to unleash gas in Parker's face. Willie got as mad as a rattlesnake at a Thai wedding (i.e., real mad) and retaliated by grabbing Troy's foot and twisting his ankle to the point of howling pain.

He pretended that he just twisted his ankle to avoid the embarrassment of being known as "Troy Fartman, The Flatulence Footballer". After going down to injury, the locals were even nicer to him, as Troy went from getting apps and desserts comped to having his money be no good anywhere in the city.

Music Enthusiast

Troy is also a musician who had a show on the college station at USC. His playlists included The Beatles, Three Doors Down, and Einstürzende Neubaten, and he had an Andy Richteresque sidekick. The Circle Jerks' Keith Morris would also stop by the studio from time to time. He cued up his first single -- "Honeybone", the title track from his music record album produced by Scott Humphrey (Methods of Mayhem, Mother 13, The Cult, Rob Zombie, Crue) -- on his "ghettoblaster" so Tom could get a taste. Tom cut it off due to eight curses (Troy must have thought he was on Radio Zero). Troy said he thought that language was fine for 2006 radio and was under the impression that he was talking to the 98-pound host of a high school radio show. He eventually admits that the lyrics were unsuitable for broadcast, but thought he could get away with it since he was a Steeler. Renfro claimed that the jam was up for download now ($9.99 for the single / $79.99 for the full album) on the House of Renfro website. (The website was never active.) Profanity aside, Tom thought "Honeybone" sounded like dated nu-metal. Troy believes it's "totally Bizkitian" in a good way and thinks of a stage name he will start using: MC Troy Roy.

Financial Tumult

In addition to the inflated SRP for his music, Troy will be trying to raise much-needed dough by selling his unworn uniform from the Super Bowl (he wore a Steelers cap because the team lent his uniform number to someone else) because he lost a lot of money betting on the game. He bet his house, Hummer, and $120,000 in cash on the Seahawks. All he has left is "Honeybone" and his Super Bowl ring. Tom's not interested in purchasing the ring, which prompts Troy to compare him to the sad Hines Ward. Troy assumed that Hines was his brougham, but he opted to take Jerome Bettis to Disney citing Troy's lack of happening vibe. Tom asks Troy if he heard this at the celebration parade, but Troy had spaced on that event and had gone straight to LA from Detroit to honor a prior comittment -- he is one of 5 judges for the broads at this year's Miss Hustler pageant. The rest of the panel: Dennis Rodman, He Hate Me, Jeremy Piven, and Marky Ramone (who Troy's really hitting it off with -- he also reports that the erotic fiction world is buzzing over Lady Wainsworth's Desires, which comes out on Thursday.)

Tom somehow inspires Renfro to believe that he could make his dough back by becoming a really kick-ass pimp (proceeds will not be shared with Tom). Troy becomes angry at Tom's continual refusals to buy the personally-inscribed ring and believes that Tom has now dropped to 30 pounds and then turns to dust. Troy's final words are a threat to shove the ring down Tom's face.

Satanic Activities

On the 9/19/06 show, it was revealed that Renfro is a member of the Newbridge Church of Satan.