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Rick in Albany was prompted to call into the show on 2/7/06 after Tom played a clip from the Radio Zero show. Rick told Tom that not only did he hear the clip, but he also lived it.

The Poster Children were playing one night at Bogies, and Rick offered them a place to stay out of the goodness of his heart. According to Rick, members of Poster Children were engaging in 'adult activities' on his living room floor. This was all happening right in front of Rick's grandfather, who was staying over because his house was getting flea-bombed.

Subsequently, the next morning, they awoke to find the shower had been running while all of their bags were piled in the bathtub. Rick had placed the bags there at least 3 ours prior. Why? Rick didn't appreciate them making the 'sweet stuff' in front of him and his grandad.

Shortly after the incident, Poster Children slammed Rick in Rockpool magazine.

Rick's Soak-List

In addition to the Poster Children, Rick has ruined the luggage of a number of other touring musicians, hoping to gain notoriety in rock circles as "The Soaker" and possibly compile a detailed account of his luggage-soakings into a sort of Soak-Memoir. What follows below is an incomplete list of musicians whom Rick has soaked, and their reactions (when known):

Helmet (soaked just prior to the Poster Children incident; got mad)
All (loved the soaking and left Rick a T-Shirt; Rick also made waffles for them.)
Seaweed (were kind of into it)
Unrest (did not like it)
Yo La Tengo (Really Not, Ira went ape shit)
GG Allin (Tom suggested that this was probably the only time his clothes were ever washed; Rick liked the quip and will use it in his memoir)
Kingsnake Roost (reaction unknown)
Magnetic Fields (reaction unknown)
Earth (reaction unknown)
Dave Grohl (on Scream reunion tour; reaction unknown)
Boss Hog's Christina Martinez (including all of her unmentionables; Rick's favorite soaking)