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Ron Templeton is one of Tom's co-workers at Consolidated Cardboard. He works in Research and Design.

An incident occurred after Ron had been trying to get in touch with Mark, another co-worker. Ron misdialed Mark's phone number three times in a row and got Tom instead. The calls went from bad to worse.

First Misdial

The first time Ron misdialed, he thought he was leaving a message on Mark's machine. He called to complain about Tom's performance as coach in a company soccer match. Ron was upset that Tom insisted everyone get a chance to play. He felt that this cost them the game. He was also bothered by another unrelated matter. Apparently Tom suggested that Consolidated Cardboard should start using more recycled cardboard in the 102 line in order to help the environment. The 102 line is the strongest and Ron was concerned that using more recycled cardboard would weaken its abilities. Throughout the call, Ron insulted Tom as he listened in from the other end. Eventually, Tom spoke up and let Ron know that he had misdialed. Ron was very embarrassed and apologetic and insisted that the whole call was a joke. Tom was skeptical but agreed to meet Ron for a drink after work the following night in order to patch things up.

Second Misdial

Seconds later, Tom receives another call from Ron. He has misdialed again and thinks he's leaving yet another message on Mark's answering machine. He explains to Mark how he accidentally dialed Tom's number and goes on to say that he didn't think Tom believed his explanation that the call was merely a joke. He then suggests an elaborate plan to get Tom fired from Consolidated Cardboard. The plan involves stealing payroll checks and planting a key piece of evidence at the scene of the crime, Tom's favorite orange pen. After hearing all of this, Tom speaks up and lets Ron know he has been listening the whole time. Ron is shocked at first but then explains that he was rehearsing a scene from a play. Tom doesn't understand how he became part of a play that involves himself getting fired from Consolidated Cardboard. He doesn't believe Ron and tells him that if he has a problem, he should just confront him about it. Ron insists that it's all a misunderstanding and that the two still meet for a drink the next night. Tom gives him the benefit of the doubt and agrees even though he's still suspicious.

Third Misdial

Amazingly, Tom gets a third call from Ron. He is very distraught this time and believes he is leaving one more message on Mark's machine. Ron is so disturbed by everything that's happened that he hatches a scheme in order to get Tom murdered. Supposedly Mark has a cousin, Rudy, who has ties to the mob. His plan is to get Rudy to send Tom for a swim you don't come back from (also known as a cement swim). Tom is appalled and let's Ron know that he has misdialed a third straight time. Ron tries to backpedal out of the situation to no avail. Tom threatens to call the cops and Ron begins to get worried. He offers Tom his wife and his car as bribes. Tom is disgusted by the whole thing and he tells Ron he has to be very stupid to misdial three times in a row. This causes Ron to tell Tom he is going to murder him tomorrow. Tom responds by telling Ron he is going to jail tonight and Ron hangs up.