Shock The Claw

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An impromptu L.A.-based band who were responsible for one of the several winning theme song entries in Tom Scharpling's famed Theme Song Contest of 2006. Confined to an underground storage unit, Shock the Claw composed their fist-pumping anthem in a fog of cheap beer, expensive reefer, and Aztec-themed throw rugs. Their song is recognizable by its chorus "The Best Show on WF! The Best Show on WFMU!!" Shock the Claw was comprised of John Junk and Dave of The Tokeleys and Ponce De Leon, and Christina The Yes Fan (a Rick Wakeman apologist responsible for about 2 hours of Yes talk on a certain Best Show of yore, which eventually led to a reflexive celebration of the anti-Yes band Asia) on backing vox and handclaps.