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Unfair Record Review

On the 1/10/06 show, Tom delivered one of his Unfair Record Reviews for Stevens's Illinois, the alleged Album of the Year for 2005.

Summary of Tom's thoughts and grievances:

  • Pretentious cover (Soupjam Stevens invites you to...)
  • Really pretentious song titles (perhaps co-written by the people at McSweeney's)
  • FLUTE: strike 1 and 2
  • Bagpipes?
  • What is this -- a play?
  • A bad Kinks album from the mid-70s
  • Disgusted that "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." may be written from the POV of Gacy's parents (it actually isn't)
  • Bad Randy Newman
  • Excessive in length -- not required to fill up a CD's 80-minute capacity
  • Old-timey theater music
  • Bad Elvis Costello
  • Bad Van Dyke Parks merged with 8th-rate Elliot Smith

Tom gave his approval to the track "Chicago" and expressed initial interest in "The Man of METROPOLIS Steals Our Hearts" before aborting it.

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