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Spike with porn star actor John Wesley Shipp

Doo-wop enthusiast and "author" of Weirdos Exposed, Spike has sometimes been referred to as Droopy Zippermouth, and, more recently, Vincent Half-Price. His Bea Arthur-like vocal timbre would occasionally prompt Tom to play the theme from Maude during their conversations.

The "Real" Spike?

Spike has never revealed his true identity, forcing Tom and the Best Show listeners to listen closely to his calls for clues. This, along with his somewhat dubious (or outright fictional) claims of being a successful, jet-setting Dungeon Master, have led many to ponder the question Who Is The Real Spike? A popular theory that has emerged is that "Spike" is none other than Sire Records founder and WFMU fan Seymour Stein, possibly speaking with a few marbles in his mouth or a wet towel over the phone. Proponents of this theory cite the following irrefutable string of logic:

<math>Brooklyn Accent + Speech Impediment + Doo-Wop Aficionado + WFMU Listener + Appreciation for Black Leather - Shame = Seymour Stein = Spike.</math>


  • "Helloooo, Tom"
  • "I don't do ___ (the suburbs, the mall, coffee, etc.)"
  • "Where's Debbie?" or "Where's Sexy Sadie?" (for months, Spike's initial calls often consisted solely of one of these two questions)
  • "I never cranked Grandpa." (a reference to the fact that Spike never delivered one of his trademark Debbie/Sadie crank calls to Al "Grandpa" Lewis's radio show on WBAI.)
  • "As long as someone's getting decapitated, I'm a happy camper." (Spike on his love of extreme cinema)
  • "Carry on."

Celebrity Spike-isms

  • "Oh, you mean Jenny from the Bedroom?" (widely regarded to be the most devastating put-down in Best Show history; a take-off on Jennifer Lopez' song "Jenny From the Block")
  • "No, that was Baked Ziti-Jones that was the creep [...] Michael Douglas' wife." (May 24, 2011 show)

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