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The Stevie Blue craze briefly swept the Best Show in late 2005. Realizing that his inimitable brand of rockabilly/blues/country-rock would fit perfectly in between sets of Part Chimp and Derek Bailey on WFMU's airwaves, the shamelessly self-promoting Stevie Blue first called the show on 09/21/05 to suck up to his "buddy" Tom in the hopes of winning airtime. Tom - a lover of humanity and champion of the disenfranchised - indulged the would-be rock star, even going so far as to allow him to perform live on the 12/06/05 show. Stevie Blue capitalized by bringing his erstwhile backing band down to the studio, educating younger listeners on the glory of Sun Records via a combination of fifth-rate blues rock and a mysterious, intangible element oft-referred to as "Juice."

It's hard out here for an ersatz pimp

In early 2006, Stevie Blue hit what he hoped would be the big time, worming his way in as a regular caller on David Lee Roth's New York morning radio show, this time posing as a pimp named "Joey." Sadly, as the short-lived Roth program was evidently never recorded by a single listener, no known record of the "Joey" calls exists. Stevie Blue eventually came crawling back to the Best Show using the "Joey" alias, only to receive a swift, decisive GOMP from Tom. He has not been heard from since, although Stevie Blue fans would do well to regularly watch the show COPS, as there is a strong likelihood he'll eventually turn up as part of a domestic disturbance, perhaps seizing the opportunity to treat viewers to an a cappella version of "It's a Love Thing" while being wrestled to the ground.

A Juicy demise?

Despite receiving frequent on-air death threats from a variety of Newbridge-area callers, Tom has repeatedly expressed the belief that he will eventually die by Stevie Blue's hand.

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Stevie Blue sighting on "The Road to Nashvile" [sic], ca. January 2011 {{#ev:youtube|j17ezAwRk6U}}