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The Leader is a foul mouthed dink who claims to be be the "leader" of a group of telephone crank callers known as The Jersey City Krank Krew. He used to call in to the Best Show, using a fake voice reminiscent of a third rate Jerky Boys impersonator.

He also purports to have released a prank-call CD titled Jersey City Krank Krew Kompilation, Volume 1.


The Leader's real name is Gary. He works a gas station attendant at the Hess station on the Jersey City side of the Holland Tunnel. Tom once took The Best Show on a remote broadcast to the Hess station in order to confront The Leader directly, but The Leader chickened out, leaving Tom to hang in the parking lot with Mike from Troubleman Unlimited, and a group of unidentified Jersey City teens for the remainder of the show.