The People's Theme

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Tom frequently opens episodes of The Best Show with "The People's Theme," a jaunty collection of Best Show audio clips set to music, and one of the Theme Song Contest winners.

Lyric Identification Project

Join us as we suss out the source of each savory sound snippet. Sssssssssss. Something something.

Best radio show, ever.
Hey! Who's this?
But I am (unintelligable), Governor of Alabama.
Hi, it's... uh, Gerald (unintelligable).
Tom Scharpling, Governor of partying.
Hey, Tom, it's Purple Shirt.
Hey, Tom, it's Mark Michaels...
This is Richard, calling from Chicago.
What's your name?
And wuh-what's inside the tube?
Fire. Why?
Maurice Kern...
Hey, Tom, it's Bruce.
Uh, who's this?
They have Ring Bologna at the Wawa I go to...
I hate you.
It's Peter...
Hey, it's Steinberg.
You are cree-eepy and I'm hanging up on you. Boing! --Tom, GOMPing a call during Petey's birthday super-spectacular (2/1/05)
Roger (unintelligable)
My name is Ollie Farranockin
I'll say it, you'll hear it, you'll do it, I'll get it, you'll learn it, I'll live with it, and you'll die without it.
Smash or trash.
This is Eric, I'm calling from New Paltz.
Good day.
What's up, Tom, this is Tristan.
Hey! It's Michelle.
Tom, this is Jim Ripple, how you doing?
When I get to do the toilet talk now.
The vaudeville of the new century...
My name is Tom Riley, I'm calling from New Zealand.
H-hey man, it's Bryce.
Tent don't stand without a tent pole. This is a tent pole show!
Hey, this is Ted Leo.
This is Petey from the future. --Petey from the Future, from Petey's birthday special (2/1/05)
Hi, Tom, it's DJ Terre T.
Hey, Tommy, how you doing?
Hey! It's Captain Jack!
My name... is Mike Sajak.
Get off my phone, I don't care!
Hey, this is Zippy-Pants, man!
I'm going to go to bed now, Faffer.
Hey, Tom, this is Gord.
Hi, Gord. How are you?
I was in a, in a band in the early 90's. My name's Gary Page.
Tom, my name is.. uh, Jeffrey Ludell.
It's a fat, diseased, wild orangutan, isn't it?
The disenfranchised have a home now! I'm the hero of the disenfranchised.