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The Ramones ... (backgrounder TK)

On the 1/31/06 show, Marky Ramone announced the reformation of the band with a new lineup:

  • Marky Ramone - definitive drummer
  • Richie Ramone - drummer
  • Tommy Ramone - drummer
  • C.J. Ramone - bass/occasional drummer

The extremely percussive sets will be comprised of every Ramones song without vocals or guitar out of respect for the dead.

Details for the "Explosion of Horror" tour were sketchy, although there was talk of a gig at a 322-capacity VFW hall in Pennsylvania on 3/17/06 (tickets currently $85). Marky gave Tom first dibs on a live remote and pre-show interview for a fee of $168,340 so the band can wipe out their debt and knock tickets prices down to a more kid-friendly $65. Marky is reluctant to offer the same deal to Howard Stern because Stern is mad at him for planting the botox/plastic surgery story in the media.

Rumors were also circulating that the St. Patrick's day tour opener would be postponed or replaced with a more intimate in-store. Increasingly annoyed by Tom's attitude about the Ramones tour, Marky forced him to recite the mantra "I, Tom Scharpling, am not a huge rock star like you, Marky Ramone" and threatens to flood Tom with punches and attack his neck with a bass guitar and his signature Pro-Mark drum sticks.