The Swarm 2

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The Swarm 2 is the sequel to The Swarm. The producers were unable to resign original star Michael Caine or any other top-shelf actors, so Irwin Allen, the original film's director, played the lead. Former Kansas City Royals third basemen and Hall of Famer (the one in Cooperstown, not The Best Show Hall of Fame) George Brett played a famous bug collector.

Philly Boy Roy is still waiting for The Swarm 2 to come on television because his father would often force him to wait for theatrical releases to hit the small screen. On the 5/30/06 show, Tom suggests a DVD viewing, but PBR tells him that it "didn't come out on no DVD." PBR notes that Brett was also in Aerobicide, an erotic thriller that PBR owns on DVD. (He stores it under his bed.) He's still mad at the elder Ziegler about not seeing The Swarm 2, so he'll often visit his grave and pour a Yuengling Black & Tan on his tombstone while lamenting that the film has still not appeared on television: "Still no Swarm 2, Dad."