The Woodsy Rap

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Very popular in Europe.

Hey hi how are you
It's time for me to talk to you
First of all, how rude of me
My name, I'm told, is Woods-y
Utica is my home
Not far from the town of Rome
I was raised by my stepmom
But me I simply call her Stom

[Get me a pack of Camel nonfilters!]

Eighth grade out I dropped
And went to work at a sub shop
Ditello's, friends, I'm sure you've heard
Their subs are out of this world
Ditellos, friends, is my life
Although I was fired after only one night
Guiseppe Diatello caught me eating tomatoes

Driess... sucks
My favorite artist is Billy Joel
I like ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, oil, vinegar, Stom,
Ditellos, Ditellos, Ditellos, D- D- D- D- Ditellos, Di...tell...os,
To- to- to- tomato,
U- U- U- U- Utica