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Trent L. Strauss is one of the top directors in a film genre known as "extreme cinema".

Strauss was presumed dead in the Mother 13 Mount Everest Tour disaster of May 7, 2006, until he called Tom Scharpling for help on May 23. Strauss barely managed to convey that he was still buried in the avalanche before losing the connection.

Scharpling recieved a second call from Strauss on August 8, 2006, who appeared to be suffering from amnesia and could not identify himself or why he was calling. He could only offer that he thought he was in Europe, and that he had to "get back for the premiere."

The Tool Belt Killer premieres in September 2006.


Face Peelers 1-4 & 6
Entrails 2: The Gouging
Dr. Sleaze
Nurse Sleaze
The Hacksawist
You’re Soaking in Her
Blood Puddles
Blood Puddles 2: The Oozing
The Ooze 3: Coach Fannel’s Revenge
Splattered Dreams
The Kidney Thieves
It’s Raining Membranes
Art School Arsonist
It Eats
Cub Scout Serial Killer
Boy Scout Serial Killer
Webelos Serial Killer
Girl Scout Serial Killer
Gut Bomb 2003
The Tool Belt Killer
Hang the DJ (documentary)

Untitled Mother 13 Documentary (post-production)
Tollbooth: The Movie (potential collaboration with Philly Boy Roy)
Snakes on a Steak (potential collaboration with Philly Boy Roy)
Predator Nights (potential collaboration with "Fill1965")


Beligum Film Society Award for Face Peelers 3 (June 2006)