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The Unfair Record Review is one of The Best Show's most popular long-running segments. In each segment, Tom skips through the tracks of an album, listening to each for only a few seconds before passing his judgment, usually in the resoundingly negative. Tom will frequently talk over the music, sigh or groan in disapproval, or rewind to passages that he thinks are particularly terrible. His style of record review sometimes inspires irate fans of the reviewees to call in and argue with Tom, which is always hilarious.

The subjects of Unfair Record Reviews are usually new releases of somewhat dubious quality (a contemporary example would be Illinois Book Report by Soupjam Stevens), but this is not always the case. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band (1967) and Sticky Fingers (1971) have both been given the UfRR treatment. It is also possible for Tom to give a positive Unfair Record Review (ex: Revolver).